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Wednesday April 23rd, 2014

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The American Purchasing Society is dedicated to the advancement of the purchasing profession and those who are in it.

Join others throughout the world who have benefited from information and services given to members since 1969. Join now and receive this year's annual salary report and the American Purchasing Society's Benchmarking Report to compare your department with the best buyers and purchasing managers in the world.

If your job is in purchasing, you owe it to yourself and your company to belong to the American Purchasing Society. Receive all the benefits described here and belong to the best professional association for purchasing.

Statistics show that members of the American Purchasing Society who work in purchasing earn more money than nonmembers who work in purchasing. Members of the American Purchasing Society help their employer make bigger profits.

As a member, you become more confident of your abilities because you are kept informed about the latest information concerning the purchasing profession. You learn how to solve purchasing problems that every business has. You prepare yourself and your company for the future. You obtain the benefits of membership in a professional organization and improve your chances for advancement. You support efforts to improve the stature of the purchasing profession through a dedicated organization.

Members receive "Professional Purchasing" monthly, the American Purchasing Society's Annual Salary Report of Purchasing Professions, the Annual Benchmarking Report of Purchasing Operations, "59 Tips for Outstanding Purchasing", and many other publications.
Seminars & Training
Members receive discounts on seminars approved by the American Purchasing Society and receive points toward professional certification. In-house training is available.
Purchasing Information
Articles that solve most purchasing problems are available to members of the Society.
Books and Tapes
Members receive discounts on books and tapes produced by the American Purchasing Society or other publishers. Visit our Online Bookstore for a description of some popular items about purchasing or materials management that are available from the American Purchasing Society.
Salary Information and Counseling
Members receive the results of the American Purchasing Society salary survey and may obtain free advice on preparing resumes or locating employment.
Personal Certification
The American Purchasing Society was the first organization to offer professional purchasing certification. Improve your chances for success. Obtain one of the recognitions available from the American Purchasing Society to verify your purchasing skill and business integrity.
Free Consulting
Experienced purchasing professionals give members free help in solving their purchasing problems. In most cases, answers to questions or suggested solutions can be received immediately via telephone, fax, or e-mail. On site help from highly qualified consultants can be provided at special member rates.
Free Forms Evaluation
Members may receive a free evaluation of the forms used by their purchasing operation.
Free Sample Forms
A free sample "Welcome to Purchasing" form is sent to every new member. Other sample forms are available upon request.
Recruitment Services
Company members may use the American Purchasing Society's job matching service to help them find purchasing personnel for their company at their location; however, executive search firms and recruiters should use the Society's "One Year of Job Postings" or "One-Time Job Posting" service.

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