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Sunday April 20th, 2014

The American Purchasing Society conducts a survey of members to determine the best suppliers. Buyers and purchasing managers nominate the supplier they feel gives outstanding performance. To make a nomination a member of the Society submits a form providing information on the supplier's performance in meeting schedules, producing products and services that meet specifications, and providing competitive costs. The purpose of the program is to provide an incentive for supplier improvement. Winning suppliers benefit by gaining additional business by announcing the receipt of the award to potential customers.
BUYERS See below for the winners of the American Purchasing Society's Excellent Supplier Awards. If you would like to nominate a supplier for the 2013 award: Click here to obtain the form.
Excellent Supplier Award 2012
The winners of the American Purchasing Society’s 2012 Excellent Supplier Awards are W. W. Grainger and Martin Brother, Inc.. Grainger is a seven billion dollar national distribution company of MRO products with 20,000 employees. Its corporate offices are in Lakeforest, Illinois. Martin Brothers, Inc. is a regional foodservice distributing company with its operation center in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Nearly all of the American Purchasing Society members who responded to the Society's survey indicated good pricing, and excellent quality and service from these suppliers.
Excellent Supplier Award 2009
The winners of the American Purchasing Society’s 2009 Excellent Supplier Awards are Source International, Inc. and CGI Automated Manufacturing, Inc.. CGI is a producer of sheet metal fabrication, prototyping, and assembly services. CGI was nominated for the award by Tricia Kerns, Material Manager for Focal Point, LLC. Source International acts as a buyer's agent in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Thailand. The company was nominated by Michael Bunge, CPP, CPPM, Corporate Supply Chain Manager for Libbey, Inc.
Excellent Supplier Award for 2008
The winner of the American Purchasing Society’s 2008 Excellent Supplier Award is Dr. Shrink, Inc. The company is a supplier of shrinkwrap and other packaging materials. The award is based on a record of meeting delivery schedules, producing desired quality, and providing outstanding service. Nomination for the award was received from Katrina Cranford, a buyer for Beneteau, USA. She states Dr. Shrink is a “Stupendous supplier, always on time, ...friendly staff - just all around pleasant to work with in every respect. Tremendously reliable.”
Multiple Excellent Supplier Awards Given in 2007
Congratulations to American Industrial Supply, Metal-Fab, Inc.; and Phillips Plastic Corporation who have received the American Purchasing Society's Excellent Supplier Awards for 2007. American Industrial Supply is located in Lompoc, California and sells plumbing supplies, motors, valves, gloves, electrical supplies, safety supplies, and other maintenance supplies. Metal-Fab is located in Wichita, Kansas and is a supplier of gas vents, solid fulel products, and various other products. Phillips Plastic Corporation is located in Menomonie, Wisconsin, and is a designier, developer, and manufacturer of injection molded packaging trays.
Excellent Supplier Award
No supplier was selected for the award in 2006.
Nemcomed Wins Excellent Supplier Award for 2005
Nemcomed, Inc. is the winner of the American Purchasing Society's Excellent Supplier Award for 2005. The award is based on the criteria mentioned above plus nominating letters from members. No negative comments were received from any member.

Nemcomed was founded in 1976. The firm develops and manufacturers precision medical devices, orthopedic hard goods, and orthopedic components.

Other finalists for the award in 2005 included Pacific Coast Chemicals Co., Gary Steel Division of Primary Steel, Inc., and Schaffner Enterprise.

Dresser ROOTS Wins Excellent Supplier Award for 2004
Dresser ROOTS wins the award for Excellent Supplier Award for 2004. The award was given based on the criteria mentioned above plus nominating letters from several different members. No negative comments were received from any member. Dresser ROOTS is a manufacturer of blowers and compressors. Here is in part what was said by one of the customers who nominated Dresser ROOTS. "ROOTS not only has a quality product, but they are never late on shipments. Their JIT program ...allows us to keep minimal inventories and [makes it] able [for us] to have product at our location within 2 days. ...From the inside sales staff down to the factory, ROOTS provides unparalleled support that I have ever experienced in my over 20 years of purchasing experience. They are a true role model that suppliers should emulate."

Robert Menard, CPP, CGPP, CPPC
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