If you are a buyer or purchasing manager, what do you do when your employer increases annual salaries?

Just accept whatever amount given.
Thank the boss for whatever the amount.
Express dissatisfaction about the amount.
Explain what I have accomplished and ask for a higher amount.
Threaten to quit if I don't get more.
Say nothing but begin looking for a higher paying job.



Your Price: $-1.00

Purchasing Department Evaluation



An analysis of your present policies and procedures and a purchasing performance evaluation will be made based on the answers to a list of questions that you answer along with the forms and manual that you use.

The purchasing best practices questions were developed by Dr. Harry E. Hough, an experienced purchasing executive and author of the bestselling "Handbook of Buying and Purchasing Management." Your purchasing performance operation will be analyzed and evaluated based on the information you submit. After analysis, you will receive a purchasing performances evaluation report with procurement tools and techniques that you should implement for improved purchasing best practices.

The report will tell you if you are using the best methods of obtaining competitive prices. It will point out the ways you can obtain low cost products and services. It will highlight possible weaknesses in your methods of obtaining on-time delivery and tell you how other organizations obtain shipments on schedule. The purchasing performance evaluation report will analyze and evaluate how your purchasing operation assures quality products.

Your Price: $-1.00