What do you or your organization do when a price increase is announced by a supplier?

Accept the increase.
Shop for a lower price.
Meet with the supplier for justification or negotiation.
Depends on how much we expect to buy.

Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehousing (CPDW)

Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehousing

The area of distribution, logistics and warehousing is a quickly blossoming type of business in the U.S. and other places. Warehouses and distribution centers are popping up everywhere as competition for immediate delivery increases. As this quickly growing business advances, the need for professionals in this field increases. The Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehousing (CPDW) program is designed to educate and train people in distribution, logistics, and warehousing management. Students who take this course will be prepared for professional jobs in distribution centers and warehouses.

Anyone may apply for the CPDW. The CPP is not a requirement for this certification, and there is a separate application for the CPDW. The requirements for the CPDW are three online courses and an examination. The courses may be taken separately or through the CPDW prep course. The three courses are Distribution and Warehousing, Inventory for Distribution and Warehousing, and Management Operations and Logistics. Once the courses are completed an examination must be taken and passed. The passing grade for the CPDW examination is 75%.

The course can be registered for on our Seminars and Courses courses page.

Apply for CPDW certification online or download the PDF version of the CPDW application.

The process for this certification is submit application with processing fee, take all courses, pass examination. Once these are completed the application is reviewed for final approval.

All people awarded the CPDW will receive a formal award letter, a plaque, will be announced on the Society's website, and put CPDW after their name.