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Inventory for Distribution and Warehousing Course 2016B


This inventory management seminar covers supply chain management training and many aspects of inventory and how they relate to distribution and warehousing functions. Covered in this inventory management seminar are types of inventory, types of controls, record keeping, item identification, locator systems, RFID, counting methods, supply chain management, training, and much more.

This inventory management class is also Part 2 of the Preparation for Certified Professionals in Distribution and Warehousing (CPDW) Exam course, which is one of the requirements for the CPDW program. Anyone who takes this Course 2016B, Inventory for Distribution and Warehousing will be given credit for having completed Part 2 of the CPDW prep course, and if all three parts are completed individually a student will be allowed to take the CPDW examination for a fee of $80. Anyone who registers and takes this supply chain management training course now will be given unlimited access up until the time the exam is registered for and taken.

Although this warehouse and inventory management course emphasizes how inventory relates directly to distribution and warehousing, purchasing people who have already taken Managing Inventory – Maintaining the Proper Level do not need to take this course in order to be awarded the CPDW. Part 1 and 3 are still required, and the exam must also be passed.

The other two parts of the CPDW prep course are Course1214, Distribution Training and Warehouse Management and Course 1215, Management Operations and Logistics course.

The CPDW must be applied for separately and there will be a separate application processing fee.

The self-running inventory management training online courses are attended via the Internet. They require up to two or three continuous hours of attendance. Students are initially contacted by email with instructions on how to take the course for which they have registered. Students may attend the course at any time during the day. This makes the classes more convenient for students. All materials are included in the price of the course and will be available online while attending classes. These supply chain management training courses are nonrefundable. Instructions for these warehouse management seminars are usually sent within a few days of registration.  Normally, the Society likes to see these types of courses completed within a month of having sent out the instructions. If too much time elapses without this inventory control course being completed the student may have to register for it again.

It is each student's responsibility to contact the Society if instructions are not received within the time frames listed above. Failure to do so may result in additional fees. Students can contact the Society at 630-859-0250 or at

Start Date: Open
End Date: Open
Your Price: $129.00