If you are an authorized buyer for your employer, what is your official title?

Assistant Buyer
Buyer or Senior Buyer
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Manager or Procurement Manager
Director of Purchasing or Procurement
Supply Chain Manager
Vfice President
Other title or no title.

American Purchasing Society, Inc.

Application for Recognition as a Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehousing

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Please answer the following questions.

1) Please submit a list of schools you have attended, indicating your highest grade completed, if you graduated, dates attended, degree or degrees you earned, areas or courses of specialty, and your standing in the class if known. Submit confirmation of your attendance and diploma or degree earned. List any other or additional courses or seminars you have taken.

Please upload your diploma in Adobe PDF format only
Please upload proof of your degree earned in Adobe PDF format only
Please upload your college transcripts in Adobe PDF format only

2) Please submit a complete resume giving sufficient detail to indicate or measure your progress, managerial ability, and business exposure. Be sure to give dates of employment, your official title, and name and title of your immediate supervisor. Indicate the number of people you supervised in each position, if any.

Please upload your resume in Adobe PDF format only

3) Do you believe you are financially responsible in both your business and personal affairs? If you were taking a job as president of a bank, what evidence could you show as examples of your financial trustworthiness?

4) Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If so, please give the date, the jurisdiction and the circumstances. Certain financial situations can disqualify a candidate from earning certification.

5) Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Answer yes or no. If yes, please provide the crime, date, court jurisdiction and state, sentence and current status. Conviction of a felony will usually disqualify a candidate from earning certification.

6) Do you belong to any professional organizations and clubs? What are they?

7) Why are you applying for certification? If certified, will you support the American Purchasing Society and its certification program? In what way?

Submit comments or explain any entry above deemed necessary for clarification. Submit any other data you feel pertinent.

Professional Standards

The American Purchasing Society advocates the following principles and standards that comprise its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Adherence to these standards is required for certification and serves to assure public confidence in the integrity of purchasing professionals

Code of Ethics

  1. Maintain loyalty to your employer. Pursue your organization’s objectives consistent with this code as long as no federal, state or local laws are violated.
  2. Buy without personal prejudice from suppliers who offer the optimum value when all factors are considered.
  3. Exercise and insist on honesty. Denounce all forms of unscrupulous business practices.
  4. Avoid all conflicts of interest which would jeopardize impartiality in your business transactions.
  5. Be truthful with your suppliers, potential suppliers, and all others with whom you do business.
  6. Maintain high standards of personal conduct.
  7. Refuse to accept gratuities offered by suppliers or potential suppliers.

Code of Conduct

  1. Strive constantly to improve one’s knowledge of methods, materials, and processes that affect performance.
  2. Exercise and insist on sound business principles in the conduct of all transactions.
  3. Be receptive to competent counsel from colleagues and demonstrate a willingness to share in support of the purchasing profession.
I hereby apply for certification from the American Purchasing Society as a fully qualified and professional purchasing practitioner and swear that all statements made by me in this application, to the best of my knowledge, are true and factual. I agree and permit any investigation into my background that the American Purchasing Society deems necessary. I understand that I must at all times conduct myself in a businesslike and ethical way and if I do not, or if it is later discovered that there are any false statements or deception in submitting this application, an awarded certification may be revoked. My signature below affirms that I agree to adhere to the American Purchasing Society's professional standards and Code of Ethics as stated above. I have also read, understand, and agree to all rules and conditions of the certification programs as explained on the Society’s website and in the certification brochure.

Certification Processing Fees

All Certification Processing Fees must be paid by credit card when you fill out an application online. If you prefer to pay by check, you will instead need to download the PDF version of our application found on the Applying For Certification page, and mail in together with your check.

Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehousing NM $250 M $195
(Certification processing fees are non-refundable)

Preparation for CPDW Exam NM $250 M $230

CPDW Exam (If course taken individually, not through prep course) NM $80 M $80

Membership (if not already a member) $268
Total $
Please choose a Professional Purchasing Certification