If you are a buyer for business, what do you do when you have a major complaint about a product or service from a suppiier?

Send a written complaint to the supplier's service department.
Tell the sales rep. If not corrected. go to the GM or President.
Begin shopping for a better supplier.
Cancel all orders until supplier solves the problem.
Look at order history. Take one or more steps listed above.

Logo Usage Guidelines

The following logo usage guidelines explain how the logos for the American Purchasing Society are to be used.

You may use the American Purchasing Society logos on your business cards, letterhead stationery, resume, Web site, and marketing materials to indicate that you have earned a CPP or CPPM credential or are a current member of the American Purchasing Society.

You may not display the logos in any manner that suggests you are an employee of American Purchasing Society or in a manner that suggests that "American Purchasing Society" is a part of your company name. Your use of the logos must clearly indicate that you are independent from American Purchasing Society.

The logos may not be used in any manner that expresses or might imply American Purchasing Society affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval, other than as set forth by this agreement.

You may not combine the logos with any other object, including, but not limited to, other logos, icons, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, design features, symbols, or Web site audio files.

You may use the logos only as provided by American Purchasing Society. Except for size, which is subject to the restrictions in these guidelines, the logos may not be altered in any manner, including proportions, colors, elements, etc., or animated, morphed, or otherwise distorted in perspective or dimensional appearance.

The logos may not be translated or otherwise localized into any other language. Any localized versions of the logos must be provided by American Purchasing Society.

The original aspect ratio of the logos must be preserved and must not be distorted in any way. When resizing the logos, you must take care to lock the aspect ratio so that the type is neither condensed nor extended.

You may not use the Logo in any way other than as specified in these logo usage guidelines. Failure to comply with these instructions shall constitute a breach of this agreement.


I thoroughy enjoyed it, and gleaned some valuable information as well...I not only saved the expense of traveling off-site, but also netted the tangible advantage of not having to play catch up for being away from the office.

Kent Cassell
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Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative
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